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Our Tenant Representation Services

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Our Tenant Representation Services

Tenant Representation Services
Commercial Real Estate Group LLC of Tucson will work with your company to determine your needs and requirements for both the short term and long term. Together we will establish the office space requirements necessary for your relocation.

Provide Market Analysis

We will provide you with a current market analysis of available office buildings. The analysis will summarize the market conditions of the various areas and concessions available.

Preliminary Analysis
We will work with you to compare the market alternatives available to your company and reduce the alternatives to select locations, which should be considered.
Request for Lease Proposals
CREG will contact owners and agents of the buildings being considered for your location personally, and deliver the criteria according to the office space requirement list to
request a written proposal.
Proposal Comparison and Analysis
Upon receipt of all written proposals, we will provide you with a detailed economic analysis.
Tour Office Facilities
We will tour the various office buildings being considered to compare the amenities of each product, the location within the building being offered, and compare the locations for access, traffic patterns and support facilities.
Select Office
We will work with you to compare all properties toured and systematically reduce the various buildings to the final office building for relocation.
Coordinate Negotiations and Space Planning
CREG will work to negotiate the final aspects of the agreements, and work with your legal counsel to modify all lease documents. We will also coordinate the space design of your new office with the planning firm.
Finalize all Lease Documents and Office Plans
We will insure that all lease documents reflect the terms and conditions of the business deal and are properly executed. We then review finalized space plans for correctness.
Monitor Construction and Coordinate Move-In
We will work with the Landlord, the Contractor, and the Space Planner to see that the interior is completed within the time allowed, and according to all plans and specifications agreed to by Landlord and Tenant.
Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson LLC
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