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Saving Money on CAM Costs

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Saving Money on CAM Costs

Whether you’re seeking a new lease, renewing an
existing one or in the midst of a current lease, you
should thoroughly understand all of the costs that
make up the CAM (common area maintenance)
costs and operating expenses and how much you
will be responsible for.
That way you can make an informed decision
about whether your lease makes financial sense.
Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson knows what to look for to reduce your share of CAM costs and operating expenses. We address these issues during our document research and
review and, if required, in thorough negotiations.
Our goal is to protect you from many building pass-throughs. And we’ll review your landlord’s
proposed pass-throughs in every year of your lease.
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About Michael Coretz
In my 25-plus years as a commercial real estate tenant representative, I’ve picked up a wealth of information and expertise. I’m passionate about making sure that corporate users, tenants and buyers like you get a fair deal and the best solution for your business’s bottom line.COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE GROUP OF TUCSON specializes in representing tenants and corporate users across the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. For more information, call 520-299-3400.
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